Commercial Operations

Scott F. Smith


Buying a Used Single Engine Aircraft
Engine Research & Installation
Avionics Research & Installation
Air Frame Repair
Finding a Flight School
Negotiating a Lease Back Agreement
Commercial Operations
Cash Flow Analysis

Since every lease-back agreement is a commercial operation with commercial insurance, the plane can be used for more than just the flight school operations. A pilot with a commercial license can use the aircraft for operations such as ferrying packages for hire.

Regular rental of the aircraft is also part of the commercial operation. One of 50037's biggest renter was Sgt. Bill Taylor who does traffic for WSNY Sunny95 in Columbus, Ohio. He doesn't use the plane to do traffic, but after he gets back from flying traffic, takes 50037 on short business trips.

Also, Oakton International Corporation employees who fly the plane, who pay at the counter, can submit an expense voucher to the company and be reimbursed for stock ownership of the company, which makes them fractional owners of the plane and any other asset of the company.


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